Roofing Glossary & Terms.

We believe firmly in the value of earning an educated decision once it has to do with repairing or replacing the own roof. This is an extensive list of roof phrases posted for your knowledge and benefit. Below are typical provisions, definitions, and phrases associated with the residential and industrial roof.

Dormer - A little structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window.

Drip edge - An L-shaped metal strip positioned together the roof edges to Permit water to operate off the roofing without operating down the siding.

Eaves - On the sloped roof, then the flattest underside that stands out from the home walls.

Fascia - A flat board, face or ring located at a corner outside edge.

Underlayment - A sheet of asphalt material used as a secondary layer of protection for the roof deck.

Flashing - Pieces of steel used to protect against the seepage of water around any intersection or projection in a roofing network, for example as vent pipes, chimneys, and joints at vertical partitions.

Rake - The inclined edge of a roof over a wall.

Ridge - The peak where two sloped roof sections meet.

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Square -  The common measurement for roof area. One square is 100 square feet.

Soffit-  A soffit will be your horizontal bottom of the roof overhang, an archway, a staircase, a ceiling, or perhaps a related architectural part.

Sheathing - The sheet materials that are fastened to rafters to cover a house or building.

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